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August 2013

The US Gross Freight Tax in a Nutshell

The US gross freight tax is levied upon each non-US taxpayer that has income from the transportation of passengers or cargo by ship to or from the US.  The effective rate of the tax is 2% of the gross revenue.  The tax applies to the owner and all charterers.  Most shipping companies are exempt from the tax under Section 883 which is based on an equivalent reciprocal exemption by the shipping company’s tax jurisdiction.  In some cases, a treaty exemption is available, but eligibility under treaties is more restrictive.  Under both methods, the benefit of the exemption is available only if the ultimate shareholders of the shipping company sign ownership statements and the company files a US tax return.

February 15, 2013 - News

Author of VesselDocs Online's Contracts and Forms

VesselDocs Online is a web-based system for the automated production of contracts and other forms in which an interactive interview is used to generate documents. The MOA Maker, avaliable at VesselDocs Online, is a system for production of a Memorandum of Agreement (Sale and Purchase Contract) for ships based on the NSF Saleform 2012 with options to add many commonly added clauses. The MOA Maker also generates a complete set of closing documents and related contracts, including froms of a Deposit Escrow Agreement, an Addendum, a Novation Agreement, a Letter of Credit with drawdown documents and an Escrow Agreement for Sellers' Delivery Documents.